My PS3 wont recognize new WD terabyte drive - which FAT32Formatter to use?

my new terabyte portable expernal drive will not show up on my PS3.  WD says cant format in FAT32 larger than 32GB.  i used the acronis software hoping it would work anyway but no luck.  forums say i need FAT32Formatter.  when i google it i get pages of FAT32Formatters.   which one is legitmate and actually works without trashing my drive?  anyone…please help!!!

If the drive is larger than 2T PS3 may not be able to recognize it. Try posting over in the TV section you might get more help.


thanks joe but my new drive is 1T.  i used Acronis to format to FAT32 and the PS3 still does not recognize.  why does this have to be so difficult?  sony does intentionally to drive their custmers away.  all i want to do is watch a movie off my hard drive.  pretty simple…