My Personal Cloud Dashboard is blank page?

Hi, I’m just new WD Personel Cloud. I’ve bought this WD My Cloud 4TB and already setup and

access it from both MacBookPro and Mobile. I got the issue about DASHBOARD as below:

  1. if I connect my MacBookPro with Lan wire the DASHBOARD can run normal

  2. but, if I connect my MacBookPro with wifi the DASHBOARD it can not start. The screen it

show blank screen as below :

However, I can access my Personel Cloud both on MacBookPro and Mobile. The url in

chrome as " http://ASCCloud.local/UI".

help me please.



What browser are you using? Have you tried using another one?

Hi Hamlet,

I try to use both Chrome and Safari on OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 it also same blank screen if I connect my MacBookPro to

connect the router with wifi. 

But, I connect with Lan Wire. The Dashboard it can run normally.

Any solution please advise.


What is your Mac ip address when connected via lan and what is it then when connected via wifi?

Hi Nazar78,

IP when connected via lan and IP when copnnected via wifi. For My WD Cloud it


Any suggestion.


Ok I just would like to know if your router assigned a different DHCP subnet for wifi which will cause problems, apparently it’s the same subnet so no issues there.

While on wifi, are you able to ping How about accessing WD’s Dashboard via ? Clear your browser cache would help.

Hi Nazar78,

I had try to done like as your advise. MyPersonelCloud IP is My notebook connect via wifi

ip is And when I try to start Dashboardnwith it still blank page as below:


And I try to ping MyPersonelCloud and ftp to MyPersonelCloud it can ping and can ftp normally as below:


Any idea for suggesstion please.