My Passport with mp4's not seen by Samsung smart tv via usb..Help

My Passport with mp4’s not seen by Samsung smart tv via usb…Help please…
Mp4’s play on my computer from drive via usb, but not on tv

So, have you tried to play the mp4s on the Smart TV for what the TV is intended for? The reason is it called “Smart” is because a media server can send the movies on drive to Smart TV and they will play! No USB connection required.

If you use Windows, learn how to use the Play To feature, because Windows is a media server that can stream media to a Smart TV.

As for your USB issue, I have no idea; too many variables involved.

It may depend on the format of the MP. Some TVs can only detect drives using a certain format (FAT, FAT32, NTFS etc) and your drive may not be set up in that fashion. Have a look in the TV documentation and see if there is any information there about what formats the firmware can read via USB.

Or alternatively grab a spare USB stick and do some experiments with formatting it in different ways and put a test file on it to see which formats can and cannot be seen. Also double-check that MP4 is a supported file format itself, although it’s the most common one so I would be surprised if it isn’t supported.

I have used a USB HDD’s (NTFS, GPT and MBR) on 2 of my friends Samsung Smart TV’s and MP4’s play fine (Those friends both run Linux PC’s, so i didn’t want the hassle to fiddle about with “Streaming” the content)

I personally i have a Panasonic Smart TV … which plays MP4’s fine (and MKV,WMV,AVI etc) from USB HDD

Playing content via USB HDD is very handy when visiting friends, family and when on vacation (where setting up a Media Server for content is not ideal)