My Passport Wireless Pro Internet Sharing

Hi all,
I am about to purchase either a 2tb My Passport Wireless or a 3tb My Passsport Wireless Pro.

The specs for the 2tb Wireless mention internet sharing - This is a feature I want so that when I am in a hotel room with a wifi connection that only allows 1 device, I can connect my laptop, tablet and phone to the drive and be able to use the hotel net connection through it.

Thing is, the 3tb Wireless PRO model doesn’t mention this feature at all HOWEVER reading through it’s manual, although it doesn’t have “hotspot” mode like the non-pro does, it would seem to offer the same functionality via it’s “Home Wi-Fi Network Connection” mode.

I wondered if anyone could clear this up for me ? Will I be able to share public Wifi connections with the Pro version or must I go for the non-pro to have this feature ?

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

It DOES have a “hotspot” mode just like the non-pro version.