My Passport Wireless for drone videos

Hi, i just bought the My passport Wireless 4tb for using with Lumafusion. Im a Drone photographer and was going to use it for small videos to publish in Instagram/Facebook. After using it i realice that the wireless connection us to slow to use with Lumafusion, my files are typically 4-5 Gb. Even the preview of these files stops/lags. I tried everything with different modes and wifi connections. My dream was to work wireless with the iPhone Xs or iPad, now that this doesnt look like a possibilty for me. Will it be possible to connect it with the USB port to a iPad pro 2nd generation and import the files to the iPad? And then use it with Lumafusion fex? Now i tried to wire it to the iPhone Xs and Ipad air through the lightning cable, but doesn’t look like a can transfer the files to the internal storage of the phone or tablet.

Wanted to check in with you before buying the iPad Pro 2nd gen.

Thank you!

@Oleandei this article may help your WiFi performance issue assuming that your drone is producing 4k videos.

Streaming 4K Video with a My Passport Wireless Pro and SSD

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Thanks SBrown! I tried, but it still is very slow and hard to work with in Lumafusion…

I had the same problem situation. I bought myself an xiro explorer once, and when I started watching a video that I shot on it, the video was very laggy, there was poor quality, and so on. I tried to transfer the video to Mac, but it didn’t give any results. I searched for problems for a long time, in the drone’s camera, in the drone itself, converted videos, made other formats, and so on, but nothing helped. The problem was the drone itself. I found on review it and realized that you need to buy another drone. I bought a new DJI Phantom 4 and I really liked it. It shoots in 4K, but it’s quite expensive:) I made myself a birthday present