My Passport Wireless 2TB has failed - suggestions?

  • it won’t charge, USB or wall
  • it won’t register as a USB drive.

I bought this in 2014 after a spectacular (self-induced) loss of pix and video from a trip. Frankly, other than a bit of testing, I haven’t used it since then. Then while on a trip, I got two days of backup from it when Passport utterly gave up the ghost. (I did upgrade the firmware before we left). It travelled in it’s case and was gently handled.

Any suggestions before I crack open the case and try to extract the HD to mount in new case?


Have you tried using a different USB Cable?

If stills the same after using a different USB cable, try contacting WD Support directly.

WD Contact info:

Unfortunately, the tip on the drive end appears to be proprietary. At least, it’s nothing like I have seen before or have on hand.

I’ll give support a try. Tnx.