My passport wireless 2 TB ,,, correct procedure to clear all photos and videos from dive?

hi guys
i have a 2 TB my passport wireless drive which iv only used once on a holaday in greece to save all my pics and videos on , it worked perfect , saved 100s of photos and hours of videos .
its holiday time again and i wont to delete all them old photos / videos ready for the new ones but i cant find out hows to delete them all ?
im using a pc on windows 7
any help would be great , thank you guys

Plug it into your PC via the USB cable and delete the files.

If you have Recycle Bin enabled on the drive in your Windows settings, delete the contents of the recycle bin folder, too.

Hi mate
Thank you for the reply , I was looking for a more in-depth answer , I wanted a procedure that would delete all videos and pictures in one easy step ? Thank you

The way described is also “easy” and recommended by Tony, and is also how I di it in one fell swoop.