My Passport Western Digital 500GB not recognized by my PC

My Passport western digital 500GB cannot be recognized by my computer. I was copying a data from my laptop into the external drive when I received an error message that copying cannot be completed. Since then when I plug the drive into my laptop, it is not recognized by the computer even though the indicator light on the drive keep on blinking.

Please, cannot someone with an idea about what going on help me out.

First try to get help from WD support personnel. If that fails,try following these guides to determine whether you could fix your issue on your own. If not, your drive may be suffering from a hardware fault.


Good Luck

Mabikay -SLK

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I have the same problem! Few days ago, my   MY BOOK was working like a charm. Then today, I plug it in my computer, and it’s not being recognized…

Have you bothered to read the articles listed above?

Movno- I just experienced the same thing. After seemingly trying everything within my power, what finally worked was unplugging My Passport from my computer, and then connecting it to my second USB Drive. I don’t know why it worked but it did. I would encourage you to give this a shot if you haven’t already. Hope it helps.