My Passport WD do not work for MAC OS - WIndows 7

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I’m wondering if i can use “My Passport WD” on my both computers: my macbookpro and my windows 7 desktop. right now i’m just able to use the WD only in the mac, but not for the Windows 7 computer, i really need to use it on both machines…what can i do? i’ve already installed the smartware software on my windows computer but it always fails and do not recognize the disk

I would appreciate any help, i bought this disk 3 months ago, 1TB of storage capacity and i’m not really using it because of this problem, i’ve the product already registered on the web site of WD and it says that i have warranty avaiable

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Probably the easiest is reformat the drive to NTFS for Windows. Then go to Apple site and find the app NTFS-3G and install and the drive should work on both. I think there is a similar utility for Windows to use a drive formatted for Mac but it’s not free.


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Joes_S advice is a good one, the software that allow you to use a Mac formatted drives in a Windows computer is theMacDisk, it is not free. There is a trial version, but it has limitations.

Formatting the drive to NTFS, is the best option. Some people might recommend format the drive to FAT 32, but drives with Smartware do not work well with FAT 32.

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