My Passport WD didn't work properly

Hello sorry for the poor english

i would like to ask you some question about my harddisk 

my harddisk “my passport 07A8” can’t be opened , even though a few days ago my passport is still working properly.

when i plugged in my harddisk into my laptop usually it will detected within a few seconds and can be opened immediately , but recently when i play some video within my harddisk it will stop and stop working properly.

i thought that the problem is my laptop but when i play video which data in my laptop it was working properly . Now when i tried to plugged in my passport again it wouldn’t even opened,the icon is still there but when i try to open it there are some warning message saying that i can’t access my hard disk,please help me…


I recommend you try the Passport drive on another computer to verify if you have the same issue. Also if possible try replacing the USB cable.