My Passport WD (2TB)

I have a MyPassport (2TB) that I put on my macbook, and wanted to erase everything on it.
Not being the technologically savvy person,
I erased it, but now it won’t show up on my computer.

The virtual CD DOES show up, but not the icon for the actual hard drive.
When I open up the Virtual CD, it only shows the harddrive and data for it of my MacBook Internal Hard Drive - as if the External Terabyte MyPassport doesn’t exist!

I don’t know if it is locked, or if it is hiding, but I’m hoping someone here can enlighten me.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! I really hope I didn’t make a mistake when I chose to erase the data on the drive.

Hi ShayWa,

You should try to erase the drive using WD Drive Utilities.

Please refer to the link given below for more information.

NOTE: Formatting is Data Destructive and cannot be undone.