My Passport wants to be formatted?

2 years ago I bought a “My Passport”.  I took several hundred photos while on vacation and transferred them daily from my digital photo card onto my passport for safe keeping. I verified they were on the my passport prior to deleting them off my card.  I now want to transfer these photo to my new computer.  I plugged in the my passport to my new computer and am being asked if I want to format the disk.  Something must be wrong.  Where are my photos?  I  did not click OK.  What is the issue and how do I fix it?  Any ideas?

Thank you


I recommend that you try it on the computer that you have used to transfer the photos to the drive. If it does not ask to be formatted there then copy you files to another drive and then format it.

I connected the passport to the orignal computer and the exact same thing happened.  I went to the device properties and it says the device is working properly. 

This is a WD My Passport 0714 A  and the warranty expired last August (of course).  Please let me know what to try next.

Hello again,

If it is asking you to format it on the other computer as well then it means the partition is corrupted. You may format the drive in order to use it again. Please note this will delete all data stored on it. If you need to recover the data on the drive I recommend that you contact a data recovery company.