My passport ultra


I just bought a my passport ultra and am having issues with it. It won’t show up on my pc, it works on my mac but I need it to work on my pc. The light on the hard drive is on but it does not show up in disk management or my computer. When I go through cmd it appears but says I need to update the drivers. When I do this it fails and says it cannot be completed. I have tried reformatting it on the mac to fat32 so it will work on the pc but nothing. I have uninstalled it through cmd but nothing happens. I have downloaded wd disk utilities but the device does not appear. Does anyone have any help on how I update the driver so that it works on my pc? Thanks.


It’s posible that the computer is not installing the drivers for the unit properly.

Are you able to see the drive on disk management?

How to access Disk Management in Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 to manage hard drives

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Hi thanks for the reply. I am able to see my hard drive when I click on manage on my computer and go through that way. It says the drivers are not up to date but when I click update it comes back and says access denied.