My Passport Ultra - start/stop count and case scratched on brand new drive

Hello everyone,

two days ago I bought 4TB My Passport Ultra drive from local retailer. Packaging itself looked spotless but after unboxing the drive, I’ve noticed not so deep, but clearly visible scratches on the side of the cover (plastic part). Also, star/stop count was 5, same as unsafe shutdown count.

  1. I may understand counts as a part of some testing process in the factory, but aren’t SMART records being erased after any factory testing?
  2. Is it possible a case got scratched somehow during production/packaging process and left factory this way? I understand everything is possible but aren’t drives being controlled before leaving factory?

I admit I immediately gave up on any claims toward retailer - local policies do not give me any rights except running warranty claim, which is not the case because drive itself runs fine. Still those little questions bother me.
Unfortunately I was stupid enough to plug it to my Xbox and start enjoying additional capacity, forgetting to run some data recovery software… Ok, I forgive myself, I’ve been always happy with WD portables and I hope this one won’t disappoint me as well. I just wonder…