My Passport Ultra not installing/unable to be accessed

I have just purchased a My Passport Ultra 1TB portable hard drive. I am running a 32 bit Windows Vista.

On connection, the light comes on the drive, and remains static. My laptop made a half hearted attempt at installtions via windows searching for the relevant drivers online, and found nothing. Currently it is showing as an unknown device and I am unable to access it. I have manually downloaded the SES driver from the WD website with no joy. I have restarted the laptop numerous times with no success.

I have looked in disc management and the drive appears to show as Disk 3, but with no letter drive against it. It is not listed by name, but the size of the drive gives it away. In device manager, under ‘other devices’, it is an unknown device will a yellow warning against it.

When I first plug in the drive, I get this;

After selecting the top option, I get this;

Then finished off with this:

Any help would be much appreciated.


In addition when i try to view properties in disk management I get this

Hello and welcome to the WD Community,

As a recommendation, download the drivers from the support site.

See if the following link helps:

I have downloaded the SES driver from that link already and installed it to no avail.