My Passport Ultra - no driver on Windows, please help should be a simple solution

I have now tried two My Passport Ultra and upon connecting to my Windows laptop, no WD driver window appears.  I have tried downloading the driver from the WD website and exportingf files from the zip file attempting to run the .exe file but no luck.  I also ran the latest Windows update in case that would include the necessary driver for the device.

In desperation i manually moved files onto the external drive - i can ‘see’ the drive on My Computer window so it is recognised.

Please help…I need to back up files ASAP as i leave my job very soon and have to give back my laptop!


The drivers needed for the My Passport Ultra to work on your computer are loaded in the OS. The fact that you are able to see the drive and copy files to it means the drive is working properly on your computer.

If you want to create a backup using your drive then you can use the WD Smartware backup software. You can download it from the link below: