My Passport Ultra Metal through router


I’m trying to set up my Passport ultra that has been in a drawer unused for way too long. I would like to set it up through my router so I can reach my backup even when my computer is turned off, or to back up my phone wireless. I have been able to set it up so I can reach my files by my network on my computer, but I can’t make backups through my network since WD BackUp won’t detect the harddrive.

Also, I can’t make a back up of my phone even when both the phone and the harddrive is physically connected to my computer. WD backup will only detect the computer and not my phone.

Kind regards

Hello Niiska,

My Passport Ultra is a plug n play DAS device and would be connected with computer directly as a storage device. Also WD Backup only supports DAS devices, not Network devices. I would recommend to use My Cloud if want to access your data over the network and from remote location using mobile application.