My Passport Ultra fails to start

Operating System Widows 10.
Disk has worked correctly up to two weeks ago when i attempted to remove from my system the WD unlock disk partition. I failed in this attempt and Unlock is still there as bold and intrusive as ever, but now the backup fails to start with the hex. error code of 0xc00000e5. I can find no information to decode this.

Disk Management gives:
Disk 1
Basic My passport (G)
931.4 GB 931.48 GB NTFS
online Healthy (Primary partition)

The WD unlocker, also on the same drive, is also shown as online and healthy. I can also access the drive to format it.
Can anyone please help with the error code and indicate where i should start looking.

As a futher update to this problem when using Windows 10 “Settings” “Update & Security” “Backup” to automatically update my files is shown as ON, but when I go to more options then "The total space on My Passport " is Dissconnected.


I recommend you format the drive and start a new backup. It is possible the partition is corrupted.