My Passport Ultra 4TB won't recognize my password


I have 4 My passport devises, 2 of them is simple and the other 2 is ultra. a week ago I decided to change the password on one of the devices (Ultra 4TB) and set a password on another device (Simple 2TB) what doesn’t have any password before that.
After connecting the device that already have a password (Ultra 4TB) the WD Security asked me if I want to make an update to a firmware, I did the update.

The situation is this, the first password was made on the older firmware what came with the device (Ultra 4TB), after I updated the firmware I changed the password by interning the old one and setting a new one.

After few days I tried to unlock it because I need to use it, but the device is not recognizing the password.

The reason I’m sure that I didn’t forget my password is because I set exactly the same password on the device that doesn’t have password before (Simple 2TB), it was first setup. and I unlock it with the same password.

on the other hand the device (Ultra 4TB) that already has password before and I changed it after updating the firmware doesn’t won’t to open in any case.

I can’t format the disc, my work data for the last 4 years is on that disc, please help me to open it, i know the password for 100% but I think the problem is happen because the update of the firmware, and I didn’t knew what this kind of problems is existing with the firmware update before I met this problem.

I’m your costumer for the last 4 years and I really hope you can help, the situation is very serious.

Thank you in advance,

Hello jilokov,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Thanks, I wrote them just now.

Hope they can help me.