My Passport Ultra (3 TB) beeps

I have a 3 TB drive partitioned in 4
3 partitions are able to be used only on MAC and the last one is FAT32 (able to be used on Mac and/or PC)
It has been beeping once every 3-4 minutes and I am able to see all my files and work with them, but the beeping is there
Read that this has to do with the usb not having enough power to hold the drive, I did connect the drive to a usb port with an electrical connection and nothing changed
Some times the beeping stops all together

Please advice,

first thing i would try, is a different USB cable

Yesterday…No beeps whatsoever
Will go ahead and get a new cable
I have a MyBook 500 GB since 2006 …and have been very happy with my external drives till now

Let me try the new cable and I will let you know how it went