My Passport Ultra 2TB - Missing partition

Hi All,

Would really appreciate some help with this, its a bit strange:

This device had been working fine but then suddenly one of the partitions can no longer be found. The 2TB drive is formatted into 2 MAC partitions of 1TB; ‘Mac01’ (P1) shows when plugged the drive is plugged in, but Mac02 does not. Running Disk Utility on the OSX does not work - its tries to find the drives but can’t, and hence just keeps running.

(I am in real need of this other partition, as I recently formatted and reinstalled my MacBook, and need to copy ALL the files from the drive back to it. The files (I hope) should be there, there has been no delete or format function performed.)
What can I do?

Thanks very much!


Based on the information you have provided I believe the partition is corrupted. You may try to recover the data using a data recovery company or you may try running “First Aid” from the disk utility. Please note that this may delete your data so I recommend you try a data recovery software first.

Thanks Hamlet!
I think you’re right - definitely something to do with that partition corrupting.
I actually downloaded and ran the WD Disk Utility and got it to do a full scan (overnight), it still errored in that it never got to 100%/completed, but it did somehow, pull out the damaged sectors (it put some files into a specific folder for recovery), and made the partition available again.
So issue solved, for now/temporality - main things is I managed to get the information/files off it and onto my MAC, so I can breathe one sigh of relief…


I am happy to know you were able to find a solution to your issue. Thank you for sharing it with us.