My Passport Ultra - 1 TB


Purchased the above last week. It is connected via USB cable to Mac desktop version 10.9.5.

I accept that I’m not very bright but when I enter the time machine I thought I would see back up dates down the righthand side of the screen. I have all the small bars but no dates. Also there are arrows pointing forward and back but nothing happens when I click on them. What appears on the screen is a box containing my desktop files. 

Help appreciated.

Hi, you can click on the following link for the steps on how to explore/restore your Time machine backup.

Thank you for the link.

When I Enter Time Machine the pink tick marks down the right hand side of the screen are bright pink with within seconds they appear dimmed. The link you sent me indicates that this means " there’s no backup available or the backup disk is not connected "

To me it seems to be backing up okay as all the dates are down the right hand side of the screen but I can’t recover the information -  what do you suggest ?