My Passport SSD 521GB speed concern

With the advent of USB Type C and USB 3.1 combined, the speeds should be what at max? I am getting 145 mb/s maximum, and I expected faster transfers to and from an SSD drive with Intel Optane 16 GB memory, and 32 GB hardware memory on a super computer with a quad core I7. I need qualified trained help with this one. Of course it is till 3 to 6 times faster than standard USB 3 and 3.1 type A, BUT the speeds on an SSD drive type C USB 3.1 should be considerably faster than 145 mb/s, don’t you think? My internal Samsung 250 GB SSD drive is 500 mb/s.

You should get 300-470MB/s when reading and writing to from. Write will be slower but read should reach max 476MB/s