My Passport SE - Safely Remove doesn't power down the disk

I bought a WD My Passport SE disk (500 GB) and I’m perfectly happy with it. Nevertheless always when I’m trying to disconnect it by using the Safely Remove option, the pop-up window shows up claiming that the device can be removed now, the icon disappear in Explorer, but the disk is still running (I feel the vibrations) and the LED is on.

According to the user manual, this is not a standad behaviour:

Wait for the drive power/activity LED to turn off before disconnecting the drive from the computer.

Is it safe to uplug the device despite being powered?

I’m using Windows 7 SP1 and USB 2.0.

If your OS says the device can be remove now, feel free to removed the drive from the computer.

When disconnecting using WD SmartWare, the disk is shut down - it stays still and the LED turns off -  whereas if removing using the Safely Remove option the plates keep on rotating. That’s quite a big difference I guess. I don’t know whether the reading heads park or not. So are you 100 % sure I can remove it?

I’m sorry for asking all over again but I want to be sure and not jeopardize disk damage or data loss. Thank you.