My Passport SE cannot be accessed

I recently bought a 1tb My Passport SE and tried to backup my files on it. At first i copied around 1gb of files,then after that I copied around 10gb,I left it copying and when I came back I got an error saying that the volume is not found or something.
After that error the drive cannot be seen or it cannot be accessed. I tried it on my laptop and it shows the drive letter but the explorer slows down and keeps on trying to read the disk. When I try to right click on it to access format or properties,the right click option doesn’t show.I also tried accessing it on the disk management but it only renders the window not responding due to extreme lagg even though the drivers are all updated.
One weird thing about it is that whenever I remove the cable all the actions(right click options,properties and also the format warning) pops up AFTER i remove the drive.
please help me.Thank you! 

i am having the same issue…!!

Try running chkdsk or other software to test the drive

the drive appears to be corrupted

but i am unable to see any drives on my computer…on disk management it shows that the disk is not active…if i try to make it active it gives an I/O error…all my 931 Gb is shown unallocated…

sound like a relo-list issue. if you have nothing important on that drive, send it for RMA.