My Passport SE 1TB not detected on Win XP

I just received it in the mail yesterday and installed in on my laptap (Windows 7) which works fine.

However, it is not detectable on my desktop (Window XP Home)

The main purpose of this hard drive was so I can transfer all the photos on my desktop onto the drive so I can access them on my lap top.

It hasnt been dropped. I tried reformatting it and try locating it manually and nothing. XP home is not detecting it all all.

Any suggestions? Or should I just return it?

If your drive is working on one system but not another it sounds like an issue with the computer itself and not the drive. Try disconnecting all USB devices and connect just the drive and see if it shows up. I would also try the drive in another USB port and see if it is recognized. The drive may also not be receiving enough power from your system so the drive is not able to fully power itself up. Make sure that the USB cable ou are using is 18" or shorter.


I have the same problem, but the drive is brand new and is not recognized at home or the office (both with XP). I tried to format in Manage Storae section, but says “write protected” when i try to initialize. Any suggestions!?

I bougth this to storage my pictures, I´m a photographer. I have another WD passport (500 Gb) and works excellent.


I have the same issue with my drive tonight.  It spins and has clicking noise when plug in USB cable to computer.  The drive is no longer being recognized by computer, which is usually found under Disk Management Manager or My Computer.  It spins then stop. I have change the cable and no luck. I think the drive is defective. There is any way to cure this? I have very important data that cost my whole life to work on it.


Buddy u r nt alone… I am having the same problem. It spins and then stops… Nothing is being detected though… very very valuable data inside the drive… :frowning:

Is there any chance to make it work by re-assembly the drive with a new part, like the head?  I need this data badly and think  about to buy a new one to get the part?


Sometimes, windows xp couldn’t detect a large drive. Since you’ve mentioned that it works with your laptop but not your desktop, I think you still have a good drive. On your windows xp desktop, you should be able to see your drive under Disk Management Manger. If found, then all you need to assign a drive letter to it. Now it should appear under My Computer. Hope this helps.

If the drive is working on your laptop, but not on your desktop, then it’s possible that it’s just not getting enough power to spin the drive up all the way.  It’s during startup that a drive draws the most power.  You should consider purchasing a power booster cable.  To do so, you will have to contact WD’s Tech Support and purchase it from them.

To Contact WD for Technical Support