My Passport problems with Mac—Invisible Data, freezing during transfer

I have a passport (WD3200-MT) that I have been using for data back up and time machine (Running OS 10.5.8) But have also used it on an older Mac (OS 10.3.9) Awhile back there was a problem with time machine and it all froze so I had to do a hard reboot. I believe at some point I updated the driver on my older mac and ever since it will show up on the Old Powerbook, but not on the newer Macbook. On the newer Mac, the root folders show up but none of the data in them. Also, If I try and transfer data on the old Mac (the only one that shows the data) It loads a bit but then freezes and it needs to be reloaded. I would be happy to just be able to transfer the data off the drive and wipe it clean but I can’t get it off! Terribly frustrating. Any help is appreciated.

Looks like you have a corrupted partition. Try getting a data recovery application and see if possible to retrieve the files.

I’ve used  Mini Tool Data Recovery in the past, but you can use any other Data Recovery software you’ll like.