My Passport Pro 4TB Thunderbolt connector with newer iMacs

I have a Passport Pro that I was using with my 2015 macbook pro.

Now I have purchased a 2017 iMac that doesnt have a thunderbolt connector but now uses USB-C.

What adaptor will work with this setup? It will still have to provide power to the drive as did the old thunderbolt connector.

If anyone has found a solution, could you please provide a link to the cable you found that worked?

Hello Dharmadreams,

You can use the Thunderbolt (Type - B) to Thunderbolt (Type - C) convertor to connect the drive with you iMac 2017 to access the drive. You can purchase the converter from the nearby local electronics store or through online shopping portals.

Have you tried this? Concerned that the drive won’t get power from the iMac.