My Passport & Power PC Mac

I have just purchased  a ’My Passport’ HD. as it stated  ‘Designed for the Mac’ - on the box.  However on connecting it to my Mac I find that the WD Drive Utilities and WD Security are not compatible with my G5 Power PC Mac running OSX 10-5-8. Although the web site says the drive is compatible.

I have now reformatted it with Disk Utility to Mac OS Extended (journaled) to bring into line with the Power PC, but am now having trouble backing up onto it.

Suggestions on how to get this to work would be most welcome.


What backup software are you using?

What is the model number of your drive?

I am looking for advice on the best backup software for the combination I now have, of a G5 Power PC Mac running OSX 10.5.8, and the ‘My Passport’ that has been reformatted to Mac OS Extended (journaled) -  I have a P/N and a S/N numbers on the drive but see no Model Number - unless it is -  1TB To.

Hello again,

The P/N will be the model number. 

My Passport -  P/N WDBLUZOO1BSL-05      S/ N .  


I could not locate that model number but if your drive came with WD Smartware software then I recommend you use WD Smartware. You can also use Apple’s backup software (Time Machine) 

WD SmartWare for Mac

Back up data using Time Machine

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Thank you Master -  Problem solved, the Passport now works perfectly with OSX 10.5.8 Time Machine.