My passport password fail

I have been using the 500gb mypassport for awhile now.  I have been copying my DVD collection onto it so when I leave for Afghanistan in a few days I will have some movies to watch on my down time.  Lately, I have been issues with the harddrive not showing up as anything other then a cd-drive.  (Windows 7) “No worries” I thought, “I’ll just install the driver software it comes with, that should clear the problems up.”  What a mistake that was, I should have known better.  Now it wants a password (that I was never asked to provide during the install) so I can not give a password I never created.  I have 6 days till I leave so I do not have the time to lose all this data, I am beyond pissed off right now.  Please help me unlock this harddrive immediately, and FYI if you are going to password protect harddrives, you may want to actually ask ppl to create the password…

A few people have had luck trying this. Log off your PC then log back on in another account like the guest account. Sadly there is no password reset.