My Passport or My Passport Studio? (Mac)

I posted on the other board as I was looking for a wireless USB adapter and so forth and stupid me I thought why not just get an external drive to upload my movies, photos, etc and plug it directly into the WD Live Plus! Stupid me, then I don’t have to worry about “streaming” issues etc.

So now my quesion is is the “Studio” worth it? I don’t have a ton of movies or anything so I wasn’t sure if I needed the Firewire option or not…the digital label is cool but I really don’t need that I don’t think…

Thanks for the tips guys! These boards have been a great source for feedback etc!

Either one is fine.

The Passport essential is cost less,has USB,  no firewire, no label.

The Passport Studio has both firewire and USB with the Label, designed for Mac but, more $$.

Hope this info help.