My Passport Not Reconnecting After Reboot

I have owned this 2TB drive for about 4 years or so, and been happy with it except for one little problem, I have to manually dsconnect and carefully reconnect it after rebooting my system to get it to connect again. I’ve put up with this for a while but now that I have a new USB 3.0 hub taking up my only USB 3.0 port I don’t have easy access (I’m on a new computer which has it’s 3.0 port in the back, which is where the hub now lives).

Is this a problem with the hardware or software, and is there any way to fix it?


Please refer to the following KB article: Problems using a USB hard drive with a USB hub, PCI card, or PC card

Also, I suggest you to test the drive health status through Western Digital Dashboard.

Title: Testing a drive for problems using The Western Digital Dashboard

Link: Testing a drive for problems using Western Digital Dashboard