My Passport not available to safely eject hardware

I have just purchased and used My Passport external portable drive. I have backed up my computer to it. When I go to “safely eject hardwar” I see drive G - called WD Unlocker in bold and drive H - My Passport greyed out. I try to eject Drive G and an error occured while ejecting CD  drive G WD unlocker. What is happening here?

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I’d recommend safely ejecting your WD Passport using the WD Quickview icon. It’s installed alongside WD SmartWare.

 I am not using WD software at all. I use Acronis for my backups so have only installed the security where I can password protect the drive

thank you. I have just installed the smartware, but do think it extremely odd that I should have to use this rather than the usual method of removing hardware!