My Passport, no drivers

I’ve been having issues with my macbook recognizing my hd.  I saw that by updating it on pc, may help the problem.  So I plugged it into a pc, everything was fine until it asked for my password, which I gave, but it didn’t accept it.  I know it’s the correct password.  So it asked me to unplug and plug back into the pc.  Which I did “safely”.  But when I replugged it in, it said that Windows is unable to recognize what was plugged into the usb.  I did some digging around, and according to Windows there are no drivers on my hd.  I’m not quite sure what to do since i searched for drivers, but couldn’t find any.

Any help is appreciated!

Windows should have all of the drivers that are necessary for our drive. We do not provide any drivers for the drive itself. However, the computer may ask for the WD SES driver, which is available from Windows Updates or from the Virtual CD if that shows up in “My Computer”. The drive that you have is also a Mac based drive and Windows cannot read a Mac partition. If you have data on the drive I would be careful using it on a PC. If Windows takes control of the drive/partition, it may erase the data off the unit and then your Mac will not recognize it until it is re-formatted.