My Passport NEW

I just received my Passport and not sure I set up all the downloads correctly but I thin it’s working. But few questions:

  1. how do I know my computer was backed up onto Passport ?
  2. How often should you use Passport to back up files?
  3. Is my whole computer backed up, example all software, programs, photos, doc’s etc ?
  4. Do I need My Cloud too ?

Thank you


  1. Assuming you are using WD Backup, open it and select Restore. It will show what is backed up

  2. Depends on your use. I use three days a week for active areas and once a month for less active; say for music, pictures and videos. If you want to recover files that were changed in error (say documents) use hourly.

  3. You tell WD Backup by setting up “Plans”.

4, I’m not using it.