My passport is very slow or not working


A few days ago my passport (1T bought a year ago) stop working correctly, it first started loosing the connection with the computer, then everytime i connect it to a computer it needs a scan and fix. I’m worried it’ll completely stops working anytime so I’m trying to make a hard copy of the content but it’s becoming an impossible option. The data transfer speed is really slow 60kb/s and I can only copy small archives if it is a folder or a archive bigger than 1gb it stucks or takes like 6 h. ( I have in the wd 400gb of data from my work!!)

What could I do to increase the speed or try to fix the memory?

You can try enabling write caching

you can also try a different cable and port

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Hi Wizer!

Thank a lot for the answer, I already  tried what you told me but is not working at all…it got stucked and the computer stopped recognising the device and after that explorer got stucked too, I had to restart the laptop

I downloaded easus data recovery and hdd regenerator…

Easus got stucked after an hour of intelligent searching, it only recognised a 5% then it suddenly started rising the time left, I paused it when it arrived to 500 h seeing that in the past 12h it hadn’t recognised any new archives…

I had hope for the firs few minutes because suddenly the wd started working better I managed to copy some files, small ones. But when I coppyed the files it always started at a relatively good speed 10mb/s and after a while it decreased to 20kb/S…then it was again really low speed

Hdd regenerator does not go further from the first screen where it says please wait…

The funny thing is I can see everthing inside the harddrive, sometimes after waiting a little bit so it’s really frustrating not beeing able to copy them…do you happen to know any other programs that may solve this problem?