My Passport HELP!

Hey I need help!  I have a 320 GB My passport hard drive that is formatted for a mac.  

I have been using the hard drive for video editing and it’s about  a year old.   I had noticed it started acting a little slow but just figured that is was because it was almost full (30.92 GB were free, the rest was all full of video)

Anyways I was using AVID and all of a sudden avid froze up.  I force-quitted avid and tried to eject my hard drive.  It said it was still in use, when really it wasn’t, ALL the programs on my computer were quit.

Shut down the computer removed the hard drive and tried a new computer, all the files showed up in the finder, but then when I click on them i get  a message that says "An I/o error occured.  It does not let me open anything up.  Also it still won’t eject AND all the folders are empty when you click on them

Is there any hope at all to recover my files? 


Try this:

a.  Go to “Disk Utility” (from the Mac Menu, Go, Utilities, Disk Utility)

b.  Highlight MyPassport drive from the left column.

c.  click the “Verify Disk”  to verify the WD MyPassport drive. It is on the right handside.

d. If it find something wrong with the drive, click on the “Repair Disk” to have it repair.

Hope this help.