My Passport Go 500GB disassembly: Which USB M.2 adapter as replacement?

As my My Passport Go 500GB stopped working with absolutely no response anymore, i decided to disassemble it and to remove the M.2 flash card. Does someone know, if the following USB adapter card will work with it?

SSK Aluminium USB 3.1 bis M.2 NGFF SSD-Gehäuseadapter, externes SATA-basiertes M.2-Solid-State-Festplattengehäuse (SATA-basiert)

Hi @uzi1_de,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

OK, card identified: It’s a WD Green 480 GB SSD on a Sandisk 20-82-00469-2 controller.
So, the USB adapter should have worked… :frowning:

It seems, that the controller is broken. Any other ideas?

It seems that the card is completely dead. The data on it would not justify an expensive data recovery process.
I can only recommend not to use the WD Green 480 GB SSD for NAS usage scenarios, in particular in conjunction with a Fritz!Box… :frowning: