My passport for mac not working with time machine, complete drive test fails

Hello all,

So I bought a My passport for mac (model WDBL1D5000ABK-01), plugged it into my macbook 4.1 running OSX10.5.8 and started time machine. Time machine started the back up… then just stopped, no error messages or anything. When looking at the backup files on the hard drive, the file is named ‘in progress’. I started time machine again, the backup started, and this time there was an error ‘unable to write to drive’. I tested the drive using WD’s own utility, the drive passed the SMART test and quick drive test, but failed the complete drive test.

So, I got a replacement drive. Same problem on the new drive as well. Time machine starts the back then just stops, sometimes with an error message, sometimes without. The new drive has also failed it’s complete drive test (twice).

I have updated all the software and firmware and installed the turbo thing - still having the same problem. I am able to individually copy files to the drive and access them.

Did I really get two faulty drives in a row? Or is there some kind of glitch here?

Thanks for your help!

The  fact that is failing the test shows a problematic drive

Try testing on Disk Utility to repair the partition… erase and try TM again

Unfortunately it’s still not working =(  I guess i’ll just send it back for a refund.

Thanks for your help.