My passport for mac 320GB Ultra portable hard drive

I bought this from the apple store as a simple, easy to use back up device (one click to back up, one click to retrieve".  I got home, backed up everything and put the device in the cupboard.  I would then back up every couple of weeks (time machine on mac osx)

When i tried to retrieve some lost files recently  i couldn’t, the screen on the right where you are supposed to selct files to retrieve was empty.  I spent 20 minutes talking to the WD  helpline but the problem was not resolved and my impression was that he was being evasive .  I then went to the Apple store where i purchased it  and it took them 15 minutes! to figure it out.

I came home, deleted an unimportant  file and tried to retrieve it, same problem.  I E mailed WD and they arranged to phone me at a date and time, they failed to do this.  Has anybody else had problems with this device? or is it my lack of computer technology?

thank you


PS I noticed that this device is not on the shelf  of the apple store anymore!

If you were using time machine as you said to back up your files Wd SMARTWARE would not be able to retreive those time machine files. Smartware will only recognize files that were backed up by itself.

Try cancelling your time machine and simply useing smartware and you willl see those files appear.