My Passport files keep being created under the wrong name

Hi there, today I renamed my User Profile Folder. I have been backing up with WD Backup to a 2TB My Passport and whenever I try to, the first folder created under the WDBackup.swstor file uses the old, wrong name. I have already created a symbolic link to make sure anything referencing the old name is redirected to the new, and renaming the wrongly named file in Safe Mode just makes WD backup create another file with the wrong name. The files under the first wrongly named files are named correctly too, so it’s just the first file after the .swstor. Is there any way to fix this?

Short version, instead of WD backup creating “WDBackup.swstor > (old name)”, I’d like it to create “WDBackup.swstor > (new name)” when backing up. Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @ddigi,

Please check the article WD Product Software Support Lifecycle

Windows File History, Apple Time Machine or Acronis True Image for Western Digital or an alternate 3rd party backup utility can be used instead.

You can find information regarding installation and configuration of the above alternatives in the following articles:

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Use of Third-Party Software or Websites

-If you have an existing WD Backup file on your device that you would wish to access, you can still do so by following the steps outlined in the below article

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