My passport essential


got a my passport essential can view files on my mac but when plugged into windows 7 packard bell netbook i press on the external hard drive in devices and properties comes up and i cant view the files on the disc… need to be able to view on both for my work… please help ,thanks  

If the drive came formatted for Mac Windows will not read it. If it came formatted for Windows something is probably corrupt. You have 2 choices to make drive useable on both Windows and Mac. One is format it FAT32 but the max file size that will accept is 4 Gig. The other is format the drive for Windows NTFS then install NTFS-3G on the Mac. NTFS is the standard Windows format and is read only on a Mac. The utility should make the drive usable on both.


how do i format  Windows NTFS ? where do i find that as well? im on windows 7

This should explain things Reformatting will delete all the data on it now so make sure it’s backedup.


thanks will try that… will the partition say my passport? cos thats what the hard drive is called… in the article it said about initiating the drive, willl i have to do that? 

You shouldn’t have to inatilize it now. Delete the old partition/volume then select create new simple volume.and follow the guide.


theres a few system reserved healthy (system active, primary partiitiion), oackard bell c- healthy, boot page file, crash dump, primary and 3 with no name on volume just simple basic- one is recovery, the other efi system partition and healthy primary partition …which is the external hard drive?

think might have got it working… thing i downloaded for my mac was only a free trial though… so do you know the code to register it?