My Passport Essential SE USB 3.0 Firmware

Hi everybody,

I somehow deleted everything from my new WD when formating it for Mac, so I can’t see my drive on PC. Could somebody tell me what to do or where to download the firmware? There are just updates here to download…

THANKS FOR YOUR HELP, much appreciated! (I’m getting mad)

Hi there, it’s not the firmware. If you formatted the drive on your Mac, then the drive is HFS+ now, Windows does not recognize HFS+ devices as it’s not a part of  Windows.

You need to either format the drive (again) to a file system that works for both computers (Like FAT32) or install Mac Drive on the PC.

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Hmmm, wonder if I can send all the files as an attachment?

Got an email address?

Yip, it’s [deleted]


Just wondering how you can receive 465Mb zip file on email. Here is the link to down load original My Passport Essentials files from WD.

My Passport Drive Contents: Windows

My Passport Drive Contents: Mac



thank you and there is one step missed is how i can write this file back to the vertial CD

i tried many time and it denied the whritin and a massage appears saying you cannot write to this CD

please hellllllp:cry:

I can understand your confusion and frustration. Many of us believe so called VCD is a hidden partition on My Passport drive. This is not entirely true. VCD is software emulation and created from an ISO file reside in My Passport root folder(s).

Once you connect your drive into the PC, this ISO file auto mount to your PC as a virtual drive or VCD. This ISO image is read only and you cannot write anything in to it. This is only used for drive lock/unlock requirements. VCD will properly function if you have SES driver properly installed in your device manager.

Finally, if you can see VCD in your system, why you need to copy original Smartware content in to the drive itself? If VCD is not functioning properly, you have to hide the VCD using WD VCD hide utility and format the drive. Then copy the zip drive contents into the empty drive.

You can download the new version of Smartware backup software from WD support site and you don’t need to keep it the My Passport.

AGAIN, the “zip drive contents” are only to be copied to root of the drive. Not to the VCD. This is only applicable for fully formatted drives.