My Passport Essential SE 1TB - Un-recognized

Have had this drive for over 4 months. I’ve backedup over 800GB of Professional hockey league, (AHL, CHL, ECHL) video. I make DVD’s for the clubs. Yesterday I plugged it into my laptop and it popped up a message.

USB Device Not Recongized

The LED light comes on and blinks then stops then blinks and goes dim then the drive seems to turn itself off.

My Laptop is Win7 Home Premium. I tried this on my wife’s laptop. Same message. She is Win7 Pro. I tried on my home desktop which is XP Pro and her home desktop which is Vista. All give the same message.

Please tell me I have not lost all of my backedup files.

Did you try a different USB cable not over 18" long? Does the drive show in Disk Management and does it say anything like Raw?


Hi Joe, Nothing in disc management. I’m going to Best Buy to get a cable tomorrow. I hope to Christ a new cable will work. I’ve read the sticky topic. I’m also going to clean the pins. See what happens with that. What if nothing works. Can I slave the drive?



If it’s a drive that came with Smartware the data is encrypted by the board with the USB port. Even if you got the drive recognized another way without that board the data will be encrypted and useless. Sorry there isn’t more I can offer.