My Passport Essential SE 1TB not being recognized anymore

Well, problems with my drive people, hope anyone can help. I used it with no problems until 2 days ago, even kept it in a case someone gave to me as a gift. I got it as an upgrade to the original Passport I had that is still alive after years and years of use.

The problem:

I connected it to my computer and it started the “Installing software for new device” (or whatever the autodetection bubble in windows says" and ends with an error. I rechecked it, and had “search for drivers in windows update” disabled. Enabled it, and detected it as: “Initio Default Controller” (**bleep**???)

Tried different cables and computers, all have the same: the error to recognize the drive. It seems to work, as it does sounds that at least for me are logical and similar to the other passport when it is just plugged in, as a little bit later it, of course, stops turning.

Any ideas on how/what to do?

I want to recover data, but being a smartware product all kinds of things I can do (basically make it a normal internal drive) is impossible and it’s going to be a little bit messy and expensive to get the data from it through a third party. And the worst, it’s still in warranty and would love a replacement!

Well mate, you can try using Recuva or Photorec those are free software to recover data or you will need to contact a professional data recovery company.