My Passport Essential SE 1TB LOST MY Enclosure PLS HLP!

As the title says, I have lost my enclosure to my 1TB passport. I took it apart awhile ago cleaning out the dust and haven’t put my enclosure back on for quite some time and now I have lost my enclosure. I think I might have accidently thrown it in the trash!

Here is a picture of my 1TB so you can get a idea of the structure of the enclosure case.

Can ANYONE please find a enclosure for this model? I have looked everwhere on the internet with NO luck!

B u M P anyone?

WD does not sell enclosures.  So, it’s doubtful you’ll find one, especially since this drive has just recently been released.  By the way, you voided the warranty by taking the drive out of the enclosure.

Bump… Still looking for a enclosure or a broken 1TB if anyone has one for sale or know ANYWHERE else to get one at.

Here is my picture since the last one provided was moved to my other section.

There’s no need to continue bumping the thread.  If there’s no answer, then it’s because no one has what you’re looking for.

Still trying to keep it updated tho because maybe someone who visitis here every other week will see my topic thats all…


just go to ebay and look for a defective drive or something… canabalize it for the enclosure, or just buy a new drive or something!

Will I be ok if I buy a 250,500,750 GB models? Will any of those lower GB versions work/fit with my 1TB ?

bump, please answer someone to my above post.

You been bumping this post for over 5 months. It doesn’t seem like anybody can help.