My Passport Essential SE 1 TB start always too late!? and deactivation issues!


When I put it in USB 2.0 it will start abouth 10-13 sec later on my Desktop, the same in USB 3.0… (not only the first time again and again)

Other problem is:   When I want to deactive it on my Desktop (at right the corner down) on USB 2.0 the LED on the My passport start to turn on and off for 3 SEC and then stay on ON!!!    BUT on USB 3.0   when I deactive it on Desktop   it starts (the LED) to turn on and off all the time!!!

what is normal!?   Does it mean it works on USB 3.0 better!?    why does it take so long if I put it in? this happen to me not only the first time, its happen everytime!

please answer someone my question!

I have Win 7

Thank you!

The amount that it takes to mount the partition will variate depending on your computer performance. USB 3.0 is faster so is only fear if it can mounted at bit faster on that one. Performance is better in 3.0. 

I know that USB 3.0 ist better. But you did not answer my question abouth LED the light issuses amd long starting on both (usb 2.0 and usb 3.0, on both of them it takes long )