My passport essential not dictating in my computer

I have my passport essential 320gb external hard disk. When I connect to the computer, it doesn’t show drive. But at the same time, light is blinking. What should I do??

Please help me…

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Hi there!

Are you able to provide the model number of that Passport? Is the drive seen on device manager or disk management? Does it work on another computer? What if you change the cable?

Your drive is not connected properly and not getting enough power to spin up.

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I can see it on device manager with a yellow questuon mark saying unknown usb device. Also, it doesn’t detect on any computer/laptop. Serial no of this My Passort is WXD1A50A2000T.

Please help…

Try your passport on another PC. I think that you may have a faulty drive.  Or it might not getting enough power to spin up. Try rear USB ports and  a “Y” cable if possible. This post may be helpful.

For USB drive function you don’t need separate driver. Windows default drivers take care of this. If your drive has drive lock feature, you may need to download SES driver from here.

Remember this is only useful if you need to lock/unlock your drive and it will not install your drive.

But I can’t see my passport drive in my computer. My other local drives can be see…

Try your passport on another PC (several if you can)

I tried but no way…

So… you have your answer. If the device is new, return and get a replacement or refund.

What should I do for recovering my datas in that???

Welcome to the “dark side” of data recovery. When an external drive gone bad you have three options to follow. One is to contact WD approved Data Recovery agent to recover your data. Look on WD support site for list of data recovery agents. If your drive is under warranty, this would not void pending warranty and they should replace your drive with recovered data. And they will not charge any money if they are unable to recover any data. Usual cost of Data Recovery is around US$ 800 to 2000. Remember, this will take fairly long time and it’s all depending on how difficult is to recover your data.

Second option is to return your drive and get a replacement and forget about your data.

Third option is somewhat tricky and it may or may not work for you. Look carefully on your WD drive enclosure. Check and compare its size. If you have a long one with separate USB to SATA bridge board you may be in luck. This may work only IF you don’t have an encrypted drive and your bridge board is the only bad part. (I believe it is) You can open the case (Look in the YouTube) and take out the bare drive after separating from the bridge board. Then you can install the drive in a third-party USB enclosure to recover your data and for continued use.

Again Please Note: This method will work only if,

  1. Your drive is not encrypted.
  2. Your bare drive has no other fault.
  3. Your WD drive has a separate USB>SATA bridge board.
  4. USB interface is not built-in to drive electronics.
  5. You’re not interested on WD warranty.
  6. You know what you do.

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