My passport Essential help

     Hi I am new to this site it looks good. I am backing up my com. & I want to put both the system files & all my pic’s, etc.You have to switch to file backup for the system files &  then switch back to category to back up the pic’s,  music & etc.

However when I go to my comp. I can’t find the system files. I am new with this even though it’s an old program. Please don’t beat me up to much.   Thank you   Dax58                

For  system files do you mean a backup of the entire system? If so you would want some Imaging software. Windows 7 has a built in backup utility. I partition my HD and put Windows and all the programs on one partition and data on the other. I Image Windows with Acronis True Image they have a try and buy offer. I can restore the ysytem in about 15 min.