My Passport essential 750gb not 'unmounting'

Hello there,

i recently bought the WD 750gb My Passport Essential SE. I’d backed up about 200gb of data on it. A few weeks later I had transfered some data to a friends mac, when i came to using it on my own macbook pro again the drive is recognised in finder and disk utilities but i cannot access any of the files on it, and makes them appear as if they are not there. 

I have tried most things, particularly partitioning it to start from scratch, however the same error message comes up ‘Could not unmount disk.’ I have tried a few things, such as making sure the drive isn’t password protected or locked but so far no luck, any ideas?

Much appreciated, 


Hey Dave, 

The very same thing happened to me as well with my 750GB passport. I have two Macbook pro’s and used my passport to back one notebook on it. I then backed up the second notebook on the same passport and now I am unable to log in with the original password I set by the smartware utility.

I decided to reformat the passport and attempt to back up again, however when I try to reformat the drive the WD Smartware utility crashes when I try to reformat.  I’m going to follow up with WD now, and I’ll keep you posted.

Hey Dave, I came across this information. I’m going to try this out now.